Cam's Wild Line at Northland

Cam's Wild Line at Northland

ENZED ambassador and Tickford Racing Supercars star Cam Waters took to the dirt at Darwin’s Northline Speedway recently, experiencing for the first time the raw power and fury of a 780-horsepower Sprint Car.


Invited to guest drive the thundering, be-winged monster by local team Chase Karpenko Racing, Waters took advantage of the opportunity to hit the clay during the build-up to the BetEasy Triple Crown Supercars weekend at Hidden Valley.


Located just next door to the Hidden Valley bitumen racing circuit, Waters arrived to drive late in the afternoon and was greeted by the enthusiastic Karpenko outfit, who also had a film crew on hand to capture all the action.


With experience driving Late Model Saloons, which have a similar amount of power, Waters quickly adapted to the lightweight open wheel Sprint Car, wildly sliding the alloy-V8 car around the Northline venue, enthusing about it afterwards.


“I’ve been wanting to have a drive of a Sprint Car for ages and it certainly lived up to my expectations.  Well, it actually blew them away.  I had an absolute ball and would love to have more time behind the wheel.  The power and turn-in characteristics were not all that different to the Late Model I used to race but the cornering and acceleration was just mind-blowing and you can really feel the big roof-mounted wing pushing you into the road.  I’ll be back for more that’s for sure and would love to do a proper race meeting in one at some stage.”