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Production targets, project deadlines and plant and equipment optimisation are all aspects of business that require exceptional support planning in order to minimise the impact downtime has on productivity and profitability. Often, the partnership decisions made for critical support services can mean the difference between success and failure as many of Australia's leading companies can attest.

CMA Recycling is an Australian business that operates on an international scale with state of the art metal recycling and specialised dezincing facilities serving the burgeoning global metal recycling markets in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the USA.


Recycling is a key concept of modern waste management. CMA helps to significantly reduce the waste of potentially useful materials through resale, reduce the consumption of finite raw materials, energy, and contribute to a better environment through responsible recycling.

CMA Corporation and its associated companies will recycle in excess of 500,000 tons of scrap metal this year which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrates CMA’s commitment to responsible recycling.

At the heart of the recycling plants are the shredders that are supported by a range of specialist hydraulically controlled equipment which, due to the harsh operating environments, are prone to damage.

To minimise the expense and time lost in having to shut the plant down and then bring it back on-line CMA Recycling has implemented extensive preventative maintenance programmes and reviews inconjunction with their local ENZED Hose Doctor in order to dectect and rectify problems before they cause a main shutdown.

For CMA Recycling using ENZED is not just about supplying quality hoses andfittings, it’s about being able to tap into their vast knowledge and worldwide supply chain network through Parker Hannifin...

With a network of over 31 facilities across three continents, CMA Recycling sets the benchmark for responsible recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals through the use of automated processing equipment, mobile plants and fully contained yards and bays that process in excess of 500,000 tons of scrap metal per year.

In Australia, CMA Recycling's largest facility is based in Ringwood, Victoria, which also houses one of only two dezincing plants in the world.

According to Dave Cameron, CMA's Equipment Manager, the Ringwood plant is their Victorian recycling hub that processes scrap metal from around the State, while the Meretec Dezincing plant provides a unique and economical solution for removing zinc from galvanised and coated steels in an environmentally friendly process.

"The Ringwood plant's operation is pretty well governed by demand, which at the moment is strong. To keep up with this demand we're operating 14 hour days and a half day shift on Saturdays.

"The heart of the recycling operation is the shredding plant that's supported by a range of specialist equipment that includes scrap handlers, excavators, wheel loaders and bailing presses - all of which rely on hydraulics to keep moving and our plant in operation.

"Because of the nature of the materials we handle it's pretty easy and common for the hoses on all the equipment to take a knock and give us a bit of grief. Take the Shredder for example, if it goes down it can take hours to bring it back on-line as it has to be done in stages which is an expensive exercise when you take into account the lost production and power used, so we've got to be prepared to tackle any breakdown when it happens.

CMA has a lot of  money invested in plant and equipment which means we've got production targets to be met – no excuses accepted. And like most businesses that rely on ydraulics  you don't get much done when your gear is down with a blown hose so if we have a failure on any piece of equipment we've got to get it back on track ASAP and ENZED make it happen.

"When it comes to hydraulic and commercial hoses and fittings we've relied on ENZED for longer than I've been here, so that's over 10 years.

"We have the same dedicated ENZED Hose Doctor who services all of our equipment and gets involved in all aspects of our business, from emergency breakdown service, to keeping our store stocked with a range of standard hoses so our own fitters can change out a hose if required, to working with our engineers to identify common occurrence issues and then develop practical solutions to minimise or eliminate recurring damage.

"And during the design, building and commissioning of the Meretec Dezincing plant our ENZED Hose Doctor was closely involved with the specification and installation of the stainless steel transfer systems used for the removal of the caustic by-products that would reek havoc on most other hoses, fittings and piping materials - which was a tremendous benefit to us.

"The ENZED team know our equipment backwards, from the Bobcats and Terex loaders that sort and stockpile the scrap in the yard, through to the pulverising Shredder itself and the Bailing Presses at the back end of the process and they know the ramifications of downtime.

"But with ENZED its not just about supplying quality hoses and fittings when we need them, it's about being able to tap into their vast knowledge and worldwide supply chain network through Parker Hannifin.

"The ENZED service is seamless and always runs smoothly, while the quality of the Parker hoses and fitting they provide have never let us down. As a result of their never-say-no attitude to our business we operate a national account with them, which means we get the same dedicated service and quality products from them wherever we are Australia, with simplified accounting and a better national price structure.

"From our point of view they really have every base covered when it comes to our hydraulic, industrial and lubricant handling hoses and fittings and we know that they'll always be there to get us out of whatever situation we are confronted with – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

"My advice for anyone in the market for a reliable hose and fitting supplier is to give ENZED a go – they've never let us down, so I'm pretty sure you'll get the same professional service and advice," Dave said.

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