Cameron Waters Becomes ENZED Rapid Response Ambassador

May 22, 2015

ENZED has announced V8 Supercar Dunlop Series leader Cameron Waters has become ENZED’s Rapid Response ambassador in line with ENZED’s core message around rapid service.

Cameron grew up in the ENZED family, with father Chris Waters owning the ENZED Mildura service centre. ENZED has supported Cameron’s career from an early age, and became an ENZED ambassador in 2013, becoming involved in many ENZED based marketing activities with a focus on ENZED Hose Doctor recruitment. 

In 2015 and with Cam’s ENZED PRA Falcon leading the series, Cameron’s rapid speed on track translates perfectly with ENZED’s message of Rapid Response, which is a slogan that represents ENZED’s commitment to being ‘On Time, Any Time’ which is a guarantee ENZED stand by.

“Having Cam in the ENZED Falcon as our Rapid Response ambassador made perfect sense from a  marketing perspective. Losing time on the track is costly, just as it is costly for machinery losing time due to breakdowns” said ENZED Marketing & Distribution Manager Matthew Gray.

ENZED are proud of the systems they have in place to provide the best service available in the market. With a network of more than 300 fully qualified mobile Hose Doctor’s Australia wide connected to over 60 ENZED Service centres ensures ENZED will keep any business moving, offering 24 hour, 365 day service, including  emergency response. ENZED’s system and extensive network are the best way to ensure any machinery breakdowns are kept to an absolute minimum.

“As a racing driver, being rapid on track is crucial, but growing up in the ENZED world I understand just how crucial it is have a quality mobile service that can offer 24/7 rapid response to any hydraulic hose or fitting issue that arises, so that is why I know and recommend ENZED” said Waters.

For all your pneumatic hose, and fitting requirements call ENZED on 13 13 62.


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