No sooner had the dust settled on the opening Supercars event of the year and ENZED's Cam Waters was heading stateside to Las Vegas courtesy of Monster Energy Drinks to contest the annual Mint 400 Off Road Desert Race.

Having claimed a solid fifth place in the Sunday race on the streets of Adelaide, the racing in Vegas could hardly have been more obscure, with a three lap race that took the best part of seven hours to complete.  Each lap measured over 120-miles (200ks) with a combination of concrete, sand, gravel and rock making it a real challenge for all-comers.

Cam drove a 6100 Trophy Truck in the 'spec' class with the V8 LS3 engine putting out over 500-horsepower and was joined by two fellow Monster athletes from differing backgrounds, one a skater and the other a FMX (Freestyle Moto-X) competitor.

Driving for veteran team Jim Reilly Racing in the event's 50th Anniversary classic, Cam raced through day and night and in sun, wind and rain while in and amongst almost 200 cars from a wide range of different classes, claiming 19th place overall despite having to start at the back of the field.

Summing the event up as unique, Cam is super keen to return for another hit out.

"It was insane, just completely crazy but I had an absolute ball because it was so different to anything I've ever done before.  The grip would change depending on the surface and there were so many obstacles to overcome.  Slower cars, crashed cars, broken down cars and the conditions were always changing.  There was dust, sand, rock, rain and mud plus the challenge of driving in the dark. 

"Truly amazing stuff and just finishing was a major achievement.  In fact, Jim's team have only ever finished the event twice and they've been doing it for over 30 years, that's how tough it is.  I'm mega keen to do it again and I'm so thankful for being given the opportunity by Monster to contest the event.  They spoiled us rotten and we also had a heap of fun off track, which is not that hard to do when you're in Vegas."

Cam returned to Australia earlier this week and will be back behind the wheel of his #6 Supercar at Albert Park's Australian Grand Prix event next weekend, where the Supercars will race for championship points for the first time.