ENZED Superstocks Teams Championship 2019

ENZED Superstocks Teams Championship 2019

Held on the 2nd and 3rd of February at Palmerston North’s Robertson Holden International Speedway, 13 teams from around the world lined up to take on the best of New Zealand.  Canterbury Glen Eagles were the victors this year with the Hawks Bay Hawkeyes coming in a narrow second.

While 15,000 eager fans piled into the arena each night there will be many of you asking what is Superstocks? Well it is dirt track racing at it’s rawest and wildest. If you have never seen Superstocks after reading what Wikipedia says about it, you soon will.

Superstocks racing allows for full contact, hardcore racing around oval dirt tracks with concrete walls in close proximity to the outside of the track. Drivers are entitled to push one another into the infield, up the wall or into one another in the fight for victory”.

“With no blue flags backmarker cars may wait for the lead pack and if drivers wish, may take out lead cars to best suit their team. Superstocks teams racing consists of two teams facing off in each race progressing through qualifying night for a chance to be in the Grand Final”.

“Teams of five cars take part with one car from either team sitting out each race as a reserve car. With a total of four cars in the race for each team most teams use a 2:2 tactics with two cars attacking and going to the victory while two cars block the other team from taking out their attackers”. Because of the all-out nature of the sport there are often many rollovers and cars up into the catch fencing, leading to red flags where cars must stop in as little distance as possible, hold position and wait until the accident is cleared before the green flag is shown once again

If this sounds like the wild kind of motorsport that get’s the octane in the blood pumping you have 10 months to get your team together and enter next year’s Superstocks championship.


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