Industrial Interchange

Industrial Interchange Nipples

Industrial Interchange Nipples

  • Parker Industrial Interchange nipples are for use with any Parker 20 Series, HF Series, 30 Series, Universal, HF or Ez- mate couplers.
  • Parker Industrial Interchange nipples are interchangeable with similar nipples manufactured by other quick coupling manufacturers conforming to A-A-59439 (formerly known as MIL-C-4109F), ANSI/(NFPA) T3.20.14-1990, or ISO6150-B requirements.
  • Hardened wear points** and solid barstock construction provide extended service life. Precision machined surfaces and hardened load-bearing areas** resist the effects of mechanical shock in the most rugged applications.
  • The 20 Series, HF Series, 30 Series, Universal and E-z-mate couplers that mate with the Industrial Interchange nipples are located in their respective coupling “Type” (e.g. Manual Type) as noted in the Table of Contents.

** steel nipples only


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